Sherington :: England :: March 2018

J is a local (in the local sense of the word). He counted 11 family members going back to the late 1800s.

I am an incomer and I see things with a different eye. A rural idyll, a tree of life to watch over those who lay sleeping, a cityscape with no city, a poplar with industrial pretensions, St Laud nestled in its own sanctuary and the duality of a border that whispers "All shall be well, and all shall be well".

The sun sits low on the dawn and for a fleeting moment it tries to burst through the lingering remains of a long winter - yet again it makes a promise "All manner of things shall be well".

Note that this print is limited to 50 copies across all limited edition sizes (48"+) - not 50 at each size. Also, the limited edition can be printed at any custom size from 48" to 105.2" wide - please contact us for details and pricing.

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Edition Size Price
Unlimited 24" panorama £110.00
Unlimited 36" panorama £200.00
Limited Edition 48" panorama £300.00
Limited Edition 56" panorama £400.00
Limited Edition 72" panorama £500.00
Limited Edition extra large panorama £800.00