New Book :: the beauty of solitude

the beauty of solitude is my first photography book and is now available for purchase via blurb. It includes photos taken between 2011 and 2016 in Iceland, Scotland and Vietnam. From the preface:

The music I make has always explored darkness and solitude, so it is natural that this would also permeate my photography.

I was recently in Hanoi having dinner with the team I work remotely with – we were celebrating the end of a release and gearing up for the next project. They know that I like to spend my time photographing cold and foreboding places, so I was telling them about my plan to go to Sapa in the North-West of Vietnam. Hiep Le (one of the team) said he was “looking forward to seeing how I can make Vietnam look sad”.

That comment provided the impetus for this book.

I have always found beauty in sadness and solitude and I hope that through the images in this book that you the viewer will as well.

Hardcover 54pp. Printed on 190gsm Pearl Photo paper.

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